Why do I like / Love Panoramas

I’m neurodivergent and feature pretty high up on the autistic scale, in what was previously known as high functioning Aspergers and I’m also a synesthete (where my senses joyfully intermingle with each other). However, all together it causes lots of interference for me on a daily basis… As a result, I find taking panoramas quitenens the noise and allows me to focus on one thing. It helps me to capture the immediacy of moments I see before me, that can drive a narrative, whether telling a story or asking a question. It is something that comes naturally to me, as in my previous police work as a protection officer / bodyguard for 15 years, it was much about going about my daily business with eyes wide open, noticing the small changes around me – i.e. the unusual in the usual. So, for me it’s a reactive thing, taking panos! And finding a place for the heart to rest. I really appreciate the skill and artistry of those who set up and take stunning framed panos, and love seeing the results they come up with, but that’s not me. Most of my work is about the realiy of daily life and I love exploring the light that resides in the shadows…